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Miller XT30 / XT30C Torch

Item # Part # Description
Torch249949XT30, 12 ft Hand-Held Torch 
Torch255685XT30C, 20 ft Hand-Held Torch
Torch268920XT30R, 12 ft Hand-Held Torch
1259870Torch Handle Kit 
2249971Trigger Switch
3N/AXT30R Lead Set - No Replacement
3249957XT30 Lead Set - 12 ft.
3255686XT30C Lead Set - 20 ft. for Hand Held
4252938Torch Body w/Cup Switch
5249972Torch Trigger Assembly w/Spring
249973Cup Detect Switch w/Screws
6249930Drag Shield
7249933Shield Deflector
8249932Retaining Cup
924992730 Amp Tip (pk of 3)
10249931Swirl Ring
1124992630 / 40 Amp Electrode (pk of 3)
12249969O-ring (pk of 3)
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XT30 Accessories:


Plasma Circle-Cutting Guide 

Cut straight lines or circles up to 12-inch diameter with ease.  


Suction/Magnetic Pivot Base

Add this to your cutting guide for con -
venient attachment to all flat surfaces.
The extended arm accommodates holes
up to 30-inch diameter.


Plasma Standoff
Roller Guide

Helps maintain recommended
standoff distance to maximize
cutting performance and improve tip life.


XT30 Consumable Kit

Consumable kit includes:
5 electrodes, 5 tips, 1 swirl
ring, 1 retaining cup, 1 o-ring and silicone grease.


Miller X-CASE

Sturdy case provides ultimate
protection for transport and
storage. Also features convenient top carrying handle and side recessed hand grips. Store the
Spectrum® 375 X-TREME, accessories and
gear in this generous case to be ready to
go at any time. Dimensions (H x W x D):
13 x 10.5 x 30.625 in. (330 x 267 x 778 mm).


Adapter Cord, Full KVA

NEMA 14-50P to NEMA 6-50R. Adapts
engine drive 120/240 V plug to Spectrum 
240 V plug.


In-Line Air Filter / Replacement Filter Element     

Mounts to the back of the
Spectrum male and female 1/4-inch NPT
quick disconnect fittings and hose for easy
on/off connection. The replaceable filter
element filters to .85 microns for removal
of 99.9 percent of water, dirt and oil.

Replacement filter element for the 228926 In-Line Air filter.


Safety Glasses

235662 Black, shade 3.0
235661 Blue, shade 3.0
235663 Orange, shade 3.0
235658 Black, shade 5.0
235657 Blue, shade 5.0     
235659 Orange, shade 5.0

Form fitting orbital eye coverage with
increased comfort and style. Choice of
black, blue or orange frame. Meets ANSI
Z87.1 standards.