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Miller MP-10 Series

Item # Description Part #
1Helmet Complete Single 238497
1Helmet Shell, Black 216331
1Helmet Shell, Inferno223454
2Inside Lens Cover (5-1/4" x 4-1/2") (Pack of 5)235628
3Shade 10 Plastic Filter Plate235630
4Gasket, Front Lens216337
5Front Lens Cover (4-11/16" x 5-5/8") (Pack of 5)216326
7Lens Holding Frame234759
7aSpacer, Lens Holding (MP-10)235629
8Ratchet Headgear Assembly (Includes #9 & #10)770246
8aRatchet Headgear Assembly (Includes #9a & #10)256174
9Adjustment Angle/Stop Hardware Kit770248
9aAdjustment Angle/Stop Hardware Kit256178
10Fabric Headband770249
-Replacement O-Rings For Kits 258178 & 770248 (Pack of 5)079975
11Comfort Cushion216336
-Hard Hat Adapter222003
-Slotted Hard Hat Adapter (QR)259637
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