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Miller Analog Elite Series Breakdown

Item # Description Part #
1Helmet Shell, Black216331
1Helmet Shell, Black (QR)241976
1Helmet Shell, Camouflage227190
1Helmet Shell, Stars and Stripes III265709
1Helmet Shell, Lucky's Speed Shop237872
1Helmet Shell, Pink Camo273954
1Helmet Shell, Fury256172
1Helmet Shell, Vintage Roadster260086
1Helmet Shell, Not Forgotten260128
1Helmet Shell, Cat® - 1st Edition268619
1Helmet Shell, Blue Flame269274
1Helmet Shell, Hot Rod Garage269947
2Inside Lens Cover 4-1/4" x 2-1/2" (5-Pkg)216327
3Lens Assembly, Digital Elite234758
3aGasket, Auto-Darkening Lens Assy271323
3bGasket, Lens Assembly (QR)241977
4Gasket, Front Lens216337
5Front Lens Cover 4-11/16 x 5-5/8" (5-pkg)216326
6Front Lens Holder, Black, Flat241978
7Lens Holding Frame216335
8Ratchet Headgear Assembly (includes #9 & #10)770246
9Adjustment Angle/Stop Hardware Kit770248
10Fabric Headband770249
Not ShownReplacement O-Rings For Kits - Pack of 5079975
11Comfort Cushion216336
12Battery Tray216339
Not ShownBattery, Lithium Cr2450217043
13Lens, 0.75 Magnification212235
13Lens, 1.00 Magnification212236
13Lens, 1.25 Magnification212237
13Lens, 1.50 Magnification212238
13Lens, 1.75 Magnification212239
13Lens, 2.00 Magnification212240
13Lens, 2.25 Magnification212241
13Lens, 2.50 Magnification212242
Hard Hat Adapter222003
Slotted Hard Hat Adapter (QR)259637
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